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Traditional and modern jewellery from Asia especially from the countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka has gained popularity because of the diversity in their design. The gold and silver has been the chief jewellery materials used and they are also expensive.

Amani Jewels brings the greatest collection of imitation Asian Jewellery design. We are the premier jewellery design company in London specializing in Asian jewellery. Whether it’s an Indian festival or Pakistani wedding, our collection has something for everyone.

Unique Combination of Jewellry Designs

Jewellery has been an important part in Asian culture and women adorn themselves quite lavishly. In our designs, you will find the hint of Kundan, Hydrabadi, Pearl or Antique jewellery pieces. We give our best efforts in bringing out the authenticity in imitation jewellery with excellent craftsmanship. Our jewellery designs are as diverse as the Asian culture and perfect for weddings or ceremonial events.

Asian jewellery style is known for elegance and artistry skills. We combine the best of modern and traditional style to present a unique collection. Choose from bangles, necklaces, headpieces and sets to look beautiful and elegant on various occasions.

Tailor Made Design

One of the best things about Amani Jewels is that we create bespoke jewellery pieces based on your preferred designs. A personalized jewellery design will make any occasion special. If you have something in mind, or design that you want us to recreate, we can do it for you with precision. Our experience and knowledge about Asian culture and its impact on jewellery design enables us to create unique pieces. No matter what design or colour you want, we will create it for you.

Asian jewellery for weddings needs to reflect the cultural impact of the place. Whether it’s the Indian wedding or Pakistani, you can rely on us for creating designs that you want.

Why Amani Jewels?

At Amani Jewels, we take great care in creating jewellery style that suits individual needs. Our attention to details and precision technique make our imitation jewellery collection look beautiful, elegant and speaks volume of our excellent craftsmanship. Made from only the high quality materials, our imitation jewellery are designed to last longer.

Our ability to recreate even the minute details makes us one of the sought after jewellery makers in London.

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